And Then We Were Human
A 09/09/1999 Mix

It’s a mix that sort of reflects their transition from humans to robots.”
An Anon put this mix together and it is just lovely. I’m literally in awe of how cool it is. So futuristic and atmospheric!

#robot crew


when u and ur friends look fresh af




I’ve seen this picture alot, very low quality, watermarks etc. Finally, here just for you found deep in the depths of a forum from 2006, a high quality, un-watermarked picture of Homework Era Daft Punk. :)


ddddddropthespoop replied to your post “somehow I feel like vincent is too cool for me??? he’s a 21 year old…”

wh ispers where vincent dong

ddddddropthespoop  whispers back here it is

it’s from his movie jacky au royaume des filles (jacky in the kingdom of women)


My basic understanding of Dragon Age via Tumblr

(Source: iwouldfookthat)

me at age 12: ew older men
now: wow he's only 30?


hey guys, I just had a pretty cool idea. you know how next week (october 26- november 1) is asexual awareness week? it is INCREDIBLY important that everyone, asexual AND allosexual, makes it a Huge Freaking Deal. let’s make it blow up. let’s make it so that next year is asexual PRIDE, not AWARENESS. 

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bird chose you

;n; he did. and he chose zach, too. he was playing peekaboo with zach and he tried to climb up my arm to get to him (he was standing behind me)

oh god. i want him so bad but i’m so scared :(

zach yelling at francois for being french is my favourite fucking thing